He said he was scared of commitment but he had tattoos all over his skin, I guess he didn't see me as a work of art or maybe he didn't think the pain was worth it.


Please…just don’t ever fucking start…don’t pick up that blade thinking it will help. In the long run, it makes it harder.

You crave it for no reason.
You can’t wear shorts without pulling them down and making sure people don’t see your scars.

It takes a second to start…
It takes months, even years, to stop.

Michaela Quinn- please don’t start. (via nowlifegoeson)

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I hope you have a lovely day.


yeah good grades are cool and all but have you ever had a good night sleep

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= checking out all blogs that ask =


an ideal date would be eating takeout dinner in our pjs while watching Netflix and you play with my hair

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